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September 24, 2020
Board with executive-HP
Leading a nonprofit board in ordinary times is challenging enough, but with the coronavirus pandemic multiplying those demands, board chairs should be sure to tap the expertise of their executive director/president and fellow board members to navigate the still-changing landscape. MORE

Male-female inequality-HP
September 21, 2020 — A newly completed analysis of nonprofit leadership and compensation found that women who lead Massachusetts nonprofit organizations continue to earn less than their male counterparts – and the larger the organization, the greater the disparity in compensation. MORE

Grants Grants-HP
September 19, 2020 — The City of Boston yesterday announced it granted nearly $480,000 to 19 nonprofit organizations that are working to increase food access, support direct services for families, youth and older adults, and fund local organizations directly providing assistance to the community impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. MORE

Masks On HP
September 17, 2020 — MasksOn, a Boston-based nonprofit that is mass producing face shields for medical purposes for clinicians who do not have access to FDA cleared equipment, recently was awarded a $100,000 grant to advance its work to help frontline health workers. MORE

September 15, 2020 — Impact on charitable giving unclear as fewer Mass. taxpayers itemize… Nonprofits seek higher minimum distribution from foundations, donor-advised funds… Community Servings gives back to restaurant partners… WGBH rebrands to GBH. MORE

Mass Humanities HP
September 22, 2020 — Mass Humanities, a Northampton nonprofit that is the Massachusetts affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, today announced it has granted $224,000 in operating support to 56 nonprofits across the state that primarily serve the most marginalized people in our society by engaging them with the humanities. MORE

September 20, 2020 — The Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers recently raised $44,000, two North Central Massachusetts nonprofits were granted $40,900, and four others in Falmouth received $35,000. MORE

September 18, 2020 — Five Massachusetts nonprofits, from Northampton to Somerville, recently were awarded $130,000 to help them fund educational opportunities for individuals with developmental and other disabilities. MORE

September 15, 2020 — While the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on nonprofit operations and fundraising efforts, a newly completed national survey found that the share of nonprofits expecting COVID-19 to have a significant impact on their fundraising over the long term fell at the beginning of September to the lowest level since June. MORE

September 22, 2020 — Fine Arts Work Center executive director resigns… Cabot Theatre uses music series to generate revenue during shutdown… SouthCoast Community Foundation marks 25th anniversary virtually. MORE

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