April 1, 2020
What it is
massnonprofit news is the premier information and advice resource for nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts.

Whatever its focus, every nonprofit can benefit from learning how other nonprofits solve practical operational and strategic issues. The goal is to share information so that all can flourish. It's the idea behind "Inform. Share. Thrive."

All news posted on massnonprofit news is intended to enable Massachusetts nonprofit organizations to learn how other nonprofits are fulfilling their mission.

Why it's needed
The Massachusetts nonprofit sector is vital and growing, but lacks cost-effective and convenient access to critical information and expert advice. More than half of the more than 25,000 nonprofits in the state were established in the last 15 years, one-fifth of them since 2000. More than 75% have annual incomes of $1 million or less, and 61% have annual incomes under $250,000.

Given limited resources, nonprofits of all sizes need funding to thrive and achieve their missions. But they also need information and tools to enhance their organizational capacity in such key areas as:
  • Employee relations, compensation, and benefits
  • Information systems and technology
  • Marketing, public relations, and promotion
  • Fund-raising and financial management
  • Volunteerism, constituent relations, and board relations
Until now there has been no up-to-date, authoritative resource — in print or online — devoted to informing and supporting Massachusetts nonprofits. massnonprofit news solves this problem.

Read about us in the Nonprofit Times.

Who it's for
massnonprofit news targets the needs of:
  • Employees at nonprofits
  • Directors and other advisors to nonprofits
  • People seeking work at nonprofits
  • Volunteers at nonprofits
  • Providers of products and services to the nonprofit sector
Who developed it
massnonprofit news was developed by Peter Lowy, an independent marketing consultant who has worked with nonprofits and for-profits, after he identified a need for this type of information resource.

He explains: "The idea behind massnonprofit news is embodied in the tagline of the site: Inform. Share. Thrive. By sharing information about the sector, nonprofits will be able to learn how others handle a wide range of issues, regardless of the subsector they're in, and, hopefully, thrive more fully from what they have learned.

"We look to be inclusive. Large and small nonprofits are treated the same. Also, although most nonprofits are clustered in the greater Boston area, we report on nonprofits from Provincetown to Pittsfield."

massnonprofit news is an independent entity and is not affiliated with any organization.

How it works
Visit massnonprofit news any time to learn what's new, tap expert advice, access resources, place help-wanted ads, or find a job. Check out our continually updated news postings, and sign up for your free emailed weekly copy of the Wednesday Report. Service providers can reach job seekers and decision makers at Massachusetts nonprofits through advertising at very competitive rates.

About the Massachusetts nonprofit sector
  • The nonprofit sector in Massachusetts is huge. It employs more than 420,000 people - 1 out of every 7 workers - and ranks fourth in the nation in nonprofit employees as a share of total workers.
  • Nonprofit organizations spend money, pumping some $50 billion into the state's economy annually.
  • The nonprofit sector is a growth sector. While total Massachusetts employment dropped 4% from 2000 to 2003, nonprofit employment grew nearly 9%.
  • Nonprofit workers are highly educated. Overall, 57% of nonprofit employees have earned at least a bachelor's degree, compared to 37% of all Massachusetts workers.
  • Nonprofit workers are highly skilled. Two-thirds hold a management or professional job, compared with 41% of the total Massachusetts workforce.
  • Nonprofit workers earn high incomes. Median household income for nonprofit employees is $68,800 vs. $69,900 for all Massachusetts workers.
Source: The Massachusetts Nonprofit Sector: An Economic Profile, published by MassINC, March 2005.

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