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May 17, 2022
Submitting EA Columns

Expert Advice columns on Massnonprofit News provide informed insight and advice on a wide range of operational, tactical, and strategic issues that nonprofits face. Expert Advice articles provide specific advice from which nonprofits can learn.

Expert Advice columns, about 700 words in length, are written by people working in nonprofits as well as those working with nonprofits, such as advisors, consultants, or suppliers. Articles should be written by practitioners actively involved in the area about which they are writing.

Expert Advice topics most often focus on issues relating to:

  • Boards and advisors
  • Management
  • Marketing/ public relations
  • Human relations and personnel management
  • Organizational development
  • Fundraising
  • Technology
  • Legal issues
  • Volunteer relations
  • Training/education

We welcome suggestions for additional topical areas.


Expert Advice columns should:

  • Address a problem or issue shared among nonprofits.
  • NOT editorialize or advocate a political position.
  • Clearly state the challenge up front.
  • Demonstrate the value or benefit of the suggested solution.
  • Avoid jargon, and explain technical terms.
  • Use examples from the nonprofit world.
  • Generally be about 700-800 words in length.
  • Include a by-line and a one-sentence description of the author at the end, using the following style:

Ann Smith, president of ABC Company, helps nonprofits develop employee compensation programs. Call her at 508-123-1234 or email

Submitting Columns

Expert Advice columns may be submitted on spec to You will receive a prompt reply.

It is helpful if you check our library of Expert Advice columns, by clicking on the categories at the top left of this page, to make sure your column doesn’t duplicate a previously published article. Submitted columns may need light editing to conform to our style. In that case, we will send you the edited article for review before posting.


Expert Advice articles are copyrighted to Massnonprofit News

With the exception of articles originally published elsewhere and republished as Expert Advice articles on Massnonprofit News, Expert Advice columns, including author’s name, may be republished in electronic, print, or other forms by Massnonprofit News at the discretion of the publisher.

Expert Advice columns original to Massnonprofit News may be republished after permission has been obtained from the publisher and must include the following statement, including hyperlink:

Republished with permission of Massnonprofit News.

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