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October 26, 2020
Facebook Offers 12 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Supporters
Nonprofits looking to further enhance their ability to promote and advance their organizations should check out a dozen tools, tips, and techniques available at no charge from Facebook that will enable them to engage with current and prospective donors.

Nonprofits on Facebook offers the following:
  1. Call-to-action buttons #147; This helps drive people to take actions important to your nonprofit #147; like subscribing or donating.

  2. Fundraisers #147; In 2016, Facebook launched Fundraisers, a powerful tool that enables people to engage their communities and raise money for the causes they care about.

  3. Use video to thank donors #147; Facebook suggests enhancing thank-you messages with a video, which allows supporters to visualize your organization’s impact by engaging them more fully.

  4. Optimize content #147; This includes using Facebook to celebrate achievements and milestones, posting engaging behind-the-scenes photos, and showcasing where your organization’s fundraising dollars go.

  5. Facebook Live #147; Introduced in May 2016, this immersive format enables field reporting, Q&A hosting, mini-telethons, and more.

  6. Support followers #147; It's all about strengthening relationships, which can include regular postings, inviting conversations, personalizing posts, or keeping a calendar.

  7. Use Blueprint #147; This global training and certification program, while primarily geared to the business community, supports online learning and live events, which nonprofits can use to grow.

  8. Workplace #147; Workplace by Facebook is free for nonprofits and uses familiar features like News Feed, Groups, and Messages to foster greater collaboration and productivity.

  9. Employ targeted ads #147; Nonprofits are adding targeted advertising to their overall marketing mix. They choose their objective and the audience, and Facebook delivers ads in a way to optimize results, for as low as $5 dollars!

  10. Communicate via Messenger #147;Messenger allows nonprofits to reach people instantly, expressively, and face-to-face, and can support group calling.

  11. Use Facebook Events #147; This is a convenient way to organize supporters around specific activities. It lets you quickly create a public or private event and reach the people you care about in one place.

  12. Try Facebook Groups #147; This function lets you create specific communities of people who interact directly with each other. You can use Groups to share exclusive updates, photos or events, and collaborate.
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