May 25, 2019
Lack of Consistent Procedures Tops Nonprofit Tech Issues

January 25, 2009 — Advances in technology have enabled nonprofit organizations to accomplish much more than was once thought possible. Instant is the thing, and networking has come to have an entire new range of meanings.

With those advancements have come new challenges, however. A computer crash, or even a glitch, can bring operations to a screeching halt. Employees often expect to have state of the art equipment at their fingertips. And green is much more than a color nowadays, as environmental concerns generate a range of paperless and recycling strategies.

Speaking at the recent AICPA Not-For-Profit Executive Forum in Anaheim, Randy Johnston, executive vice president of K2 Enterprises of Hutchinson, Kansas, discussed the problems he has found in his assessments of the technology at 118 on-site firms.

Johnston said that he identified 186 unique issues, of which he was able to arrive at the 10 most pervasive.

He singled out the following as the Top 10 issues:
    Lack of consistent, firm-wide procedures.
  • Compliance issues.
  • Insufficient training.
  • Incorrect cabling.
  • Power problems.
  • Improper use of scanners.
  • Too little memory in servers and work stations.
  • Not balancing server and work station purchases.
  • Incorrectly configured firewalls or wireless access points.
  • Incorrect licensing.
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