May 25, 2019
Resource Directory Launched to Help Nonprofits Achieve Mission

February 21, 2009 — A new, web-based directory featuring information that can help Massachusetts nonprofits improve their effectiveness and efficiency has been launched.

The NonProfit National Resource Directory — with information on consultants, coaches, specialists, and vendors — is intended to provide a one-stop resource for nonprofits, according to Marcia Bloomberg, CEO of The Bloomberg Group, which built the site.

Each page in the directory includes background on one business or service with references and/or testimonials and links to websites, articles, books, and blogs created by the listed expert. Listings in the directory are not rated or ranked, but nonprofit leadership can quickly review the experience and expertise of the listed specialists to find one who fits their needs.

"In my work in the nonprofit sector in Cleveland, Ohio, and as an independent consultant in Massachusetts, I have been frustrated by the lack of a one-stop-shop that features a listing of the consultants, coaches, grant-writers, web designers, executive recruiters, trainers, attorneys, accountants, specialists in board governance and others who serve nonprofit organizations,” said Bloomberg.

“I have had to do research by accessing individual websites in various categories to find whom and what I need. So out of my own need and the need of others, I have created this new on-line entity that will connect nonprofit organizations to the resources they need to succeed."

She noted that as the nonprofit field becomes more sophisticated, as there is more competition for philanthropic dollars and as new government regulations on nonprofits continue to mount, outside expertise is in greater and greater demand. Finding coaches and consultants, as well as attorneys and accountants with expertise in nonprofit operations can help organizations avoid mistakes.

The initial market for the new directory is the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts, particularly smaller organizations that may not yet be connected with the resources that their larger counterparts already enjoy.

The spring, the NonProfit National Resource Directory will begin marketing beyond nonprofits in Massachusetts to the five other New England states. Following that marketing rollout, the directory will move out to additional regions of the country to become a national resource.

According to Independent Sector, there are more than 1.9 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. From 1995 to 2005, the number of charitable organizations registering with the IRS has grown by 53%.

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