March 26, 2019
New ED at Building Impact Wants to Link Nonprofits, Communities

Charlotte Streat
March 30, 2012 — Charlotte M. Streat, who recently was named executive director of Building Impact, a Boston nonprofit that seeks to connect companies to nonprofit and community outreach volunteer opportunities across Greater Boston, MetroWest, and the Merrimack Valley, wants to enhance relationships between nonprofits and local communities.

Streat, who worked at Bank of America for two decades, most recently as senior vice president, before joining Building Impact, said she wants to become “known as the experts in what we do,” which focuses on bringing together people from nonprofits and their communities.

“We understand nonprofits, communities and business sector and corporate social responsibility,” said Streat.

Created in 1998, Building Impact began as a tenant appreciation program in buildings owned. Today, it partners with 15 real estate firms across greater Boston, servicing 47 buildings, connecting more than 575 companies and 20,000 people volunteer, donate, and connect to the community.

“We engage companies and individuals to do work on behalf of communities,” Streat said. “We engage them and share with them what is available and they make the choice. We call this the 'democratization’ of volunteering. The individual makes the decision about how they want to give back and what cause they want to support.”

She said individuals decide how to volunteer so they can engage in a sustainable and meaningful ways with an organization or causes – or many different ones.

Building Impact, which has an annual operating budget of $439,000, gets its revenue by charging companies based on the square footage they occupy in the buildings where it operates, or participation in its programs.

Streat said her near-term goal is to provide strong, internal infrastructure that will support growth in Massachusetts and inside of New England, while her longer term goal is to grow beyond New England.

At Bank of America, Streat was responsible for improving the customer experience for BofA’s Investment Securities online brokerage business, and had led a bank team that developed strategy and implemented plans for enterprise-wide programs designed to ensure sustained employee engagement, create one culture across multiple departments, and increase customer loyalty and overall revenue.

Streat holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA from the Simmons School of Management.

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