July 18, 2019
Share News about Your Fundraising Success

Regardless of their focus, all nonprofits need to engage in fundraising – and therefore they have an avid interest in knowing how other organizations have planned and executed fundraising events.

Massnonprofit News welcomes news about fundraising efforts of Massachusetts nonprofits, and invites organizations of all types, regardless of size or focus, to submit their fundraising news.

Since the news we post is intended to enable nonprofits to learn from other nonprofits, it is helpful if you could provide the following:
  • Name of your nonprofit, city or town where it is based, and URL
  • Your fundraising goal for the event.
  • How many people attended.
  • If attendance and the amount raised met, exceeded, or fell short of your goal – and by how much.
  • If this event has been held before, e.g., annual gala or breakfast, when it was last held and how much was raised and how many people then.
  • How the funds were raised, e.g., tickets, pledges, auction, special event, etc.
  • A statement from your ED, CEO, or fundraising chair as to why the organization met, exceeded, or fell short of its goal.
  • What share of your total annual fundraising is represented by the amount raised through the event.
  • Any other notable information about the event or the fundraising efforts of your organization, e.g., new approaches tried.
Send your fundraising news to editor@massnonprofit.org.

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