March 26, 2019
Jakious to Leave Massachusetts Nonprofit Network next Month

Rick Jakious
February 24, 2015 —The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, the state’s nonprofit trade association, today announced that Rick Jakious will resign as chief executive officer next month, three years after he joined the eight-year-old organization.

Jakious will return to the government sector to serve as district director for U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, who was elected to Congress last fall. Moulton represents the 6th Congressional District, where Jakious lives.

While he joined the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN) directly from City Year, Jakious earlier in his career served as district director and campaign manager for Brian Baird, a long-serving congressman from Washington.

Jakious said the opportunity to work with Moulton was “one I felt I could not pass on as it gives me an opportunity to work on issues of considerable importance in my home community and work for an elected official who I hold in very high regard.”

He added, “The most difficult part of the decision was the one to leave MNN,” noting that “the organization is doing incredibly well.”

MNN Board President David Shapiro said the 19-member board will meet on Friday to agree on a transition until a new CEO is in place. At this point, he said, there is no plan to name an interim CEO.

MNN will engage an external firm to assist with the search for a new CEO, a process that Shapiro said “typically takes a few months.”

He said, “It would be a great goal to have someone in place in time for Nonprofit Awareness Day,” an annual celebration of the sector, set this year for June 8.

Shapiro said the search won’t be limited to Massachusetts residents, but noted that to be seriously considered by the board, all candidates need to demonstrate knowledge of the state and show that he or she has the capacity to build the types of relationships needed to succeed in the job.

Shapiro said MNN is “as strong as it’s ever been,” which he ascribed to Jakious being “a dynamic, energized servant leader...a great staff team and an active working board.”

MNN membership was under 500 when Jakious joined in 2012, and has since grown to just over 700.

Asked if Jakious’ decision to leave took him by surprise, Shapiro said, “When you lose talented people, it’s not a total surprise since talented people always have options. There was some surprise since Rick enjoyed the job and thrived in it.”

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