July 18, 2019
Other Mass. Nonprofits Want to Learn from You

Massachusetts nonprofits are eager to learn how other nonprofits across the state raise funds, recruit and manage staff and volunteers, work with boards and other advisors, improve operations, and implement innovative practices.

You can help by sharing your news with readers of massnonprofit news.

Our focus is to provide news on how nonprofits operate, from which other nonprofits can learn to enhance their capacity.

What this means is that, as a rule, we do not post what may be considered more routine news, e.g., internal promotions, purchase of new equipment, awards to volunteers, new sessions of existing programs, etc., unless there is an unusual aspect to such news from which other nonprofits can learn how to enhance their capacity.

No rule is ironclad and, for example, we may report on the purchase of a new piece of equipment for which funds were raised in an unusual way.

Click here for a summary of what we normally look for.

We're also interested in:
  • How nonprofits are using innovative practices – what we call Nonprofitology
  • Showcasing expertise that helps nonprofits manage key functions. See Expert Advice.
We will also post news from a conference, such as highlights of a keynote address, as it applies to managing nonprofits, e.g. how nonprofits can recruit the next generation of leaders or volunteers.

Be sure to let us know of milestone anniversaries when an announcement is made of a major gift, launch/conclusion of a fundraising campaign, etc.

In addition, we always look for compelling photos that illustrate how nonprofits are achieving their mission. A few people engaged in an activity is better than many people unless it is visually exciting. No “grip and grin” photos please. For more, see click here.

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