June 27, 2019
Music & Youth Grants $185K; SkillWorks Awards $745K

November 19, 2015 — The Music & Youth Initiative and SkillWorks, both based in Boston, recently awarded $930,000 to fund more than 20 Massachusetts nonprofits that either provide after-school, contemporary music programs or job training.

Music& Youth Grants $200K to 11 Massachusetts Nonprofits

The Music & Youth Initiative, a nonprofit that provides after-school, contemporary music programs for underserved youth, announced that it has granted $185,000 to 11 Massachusetts nonprofits to fund after-school music programs.

The funds will support to fund Music Clubhouse programs that provide music lessons free or at minimal cost to underserved youth.

Music & Youth also announced that it donated equipment valued at more than $12,000 and provided program support services valued at $100,000.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue to partner with these outstanding Youth Development Organizations. Their Music Clubhouses have literally changed lives by providing the opportunity of music," said Gary Eichhorn, CEO of Music & Youth.

Currently, the Clubhouses have more than 1,000 youth enrolled in contemporary music lessons in Massachusetts and Fort Worth, Texas.

The Massachusetts organizations receiving the grants are: Noting that “kids love music," Music & Youth says that music improves reading and math skills, teaches history, stimulates creativity, and encourages youth to be part of a team. It collaborates with leading youth development organizations, universities, and corporate partners.

SkillWorks Gives $745K to 10 Area Nonprofits

SkillWorks, a public/private partnership that is assisting Boston’s most economically vulnerable residents with job training and development, has awarded $745,000 to 10 local nonprofits that are working to prepare people for careers in the healthcare, hospitality, and other industries.

The one-year grants, announced by The Boston Foundation, a major funder of SkillWorks, were awarded to the following: Launched in 2003, SkillWorks is a $25-million investment partnership between local and national foundations, along with the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts. The partnership seeks to create opportunities for workers to gain skills needed to be successful in the state’s economy. It has since become a model for other cities across the country.

Earlier this week, SkillWorks received $1.25 million in new funding as follows: $350,000 from the City of Boston, $400,000 from the Boston Foundation, and $500,000 from JPMorgan Chase.

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