June 22, 2018
Fatherhood Project Gets $20K to Further Engage Dads

February 14, 2017 — The Fatherhood Project, a nonprofit program based at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston that seeks to empower fathers to be knowledgeable, active, and emotionally engaged with their children, announced that it recently received a $20,000 grant to engage fathers.

The funding from the Cabot Charitable Family Trust will enable The Fatherhood Project (TFP) to expand its Dads Matter Initiative. The project, currently offered at Revere HealthCare Center, will be offered at other health care facilities in underserved communities.

The Dad's Matter Initiative combines direct service, training for health care professionals, and research to educate and engage fathers and improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

TFP facilitates a group of men with young children who meet to learn how to be confident, competent and connected caregivers. The training component teaches health center staff that fathers are valued and capable and should play a critical role in child and family health and helps them create an atmosphere that welcomes and engages fathers.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis, more than 25% of fathers with children aged 18 years or younger now live apart from their children, TFP said. Nearly one-third of such fathers report communicating with their children less than once a month, and 27% say they have not seen their children at all in the past year.

A lack of involvement of fathers is associated with negative emotional, social, academic and behavioral outcomes for children. These outcomes result in high costs to society, including higher rates of crime, poverty, marital conflict and substance abuse, according to TFP.

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