June 21, 2018
Boston Day and Evening Academy Gets $400K Grant

February 27, 2017 — Boston Day and Evening Academy, a semi-autonomous charter school supported by a nonprofit foundation devoted to raising funds for the organization, recently received a $400,000 grant from Salesforce.org to bolster its technology capability.

Boston Day and Evening Academy (BDEA) said the Force for Change grant will be used to deliver a customized data platform that engages students in tracking their own progress in a competency-based system of teaching and assessment.

The will provide BDEA with the resources to complete its innovative data platform, called Connects, which is designed to keeps student at the center of all conversations and decision-making, and to make it available to schools and districts nationwide.

Connects measures student progress in a competency-based learning environment longitudinally, and includes real-time communication with multiple resources and supports to address student risk factors as they align with academic and social/emotional progress. It provides protected and discreet levels of access for students, families, teachers, and administrators in support of a student-centered alternative program.

Alison Hramiec, BDEA's head of school, said, “We are excited about the opportunity to realize the full capability of this unique and important system created for teachers, by teachers. Connects has given us the ability to improve our work with at-risk students by using data to support the whole student, including risk factors and interventions, creating a comprehensive profile which measures progress in all areas and can be accessed appropriately by students, teachers, and parents."

“Our goal is to help nonprofits and educational institutions better serve their communities and deliver on their mission,” said Ebony Frelix, senior vice president of philanthropy and engagement at Salesforce.org. “By supporting Boston Day and Evening Academy’s mission to provide students with equitable education and access to resources, we hope to accelerate change and create a better tomorrow for the next generation.”

Founded in 1995, BDEA has graduated over 850 students who, it said, were otherwise lost to the system, affecting thousands of lives through their success.

BDEA is a Horace Mann Public Charter School, part of the Boston Public Schools district, with autonomy to form Boston Day and Evening Academy Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, the sole purpose of which is to raise funds to support the school.

Connects was created in collaboration with 501 Partners, a Boston-based company that provides Salesforce solutions to nonprofits. Once the platform is fully functionalized, it will be made available to schools that are running or adopting student-centered teaching and assessment practices. Ultimately, it will provide a national network of schools with a vehicle for sharing their data, with a goal of informing the conversation about changing accountability measures for students in alternative schools.

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