May 25, 2018
Six Boston Nonprofits Get $1M to Protect, Boost Civil Liberties

April 6, 2017 — The Barr Foundation, based in Boston, recently announced that it has awarded $1 million to six Boston nonprofits that are working with vulnerable communities, promoting human rights, and protecting civil liberties in the state through legal protection, community education and organizing, and public awareness efforts.

The Barr Foundation said the grants are the first to advance the goal of protecting vulnerable communities and civil liberties.

"We are investing in the capacity of this outstanding group of partners to expand their impact at a critical time, when the demand for their services has appreciably increased," the foundation noted. Most of these grants offer unrestricted operating support, and all are multi-year grants to provide some ongoing stability when some of these organizations are experiencing a one-time influx of resources with uncertainty about the continuation of that support."

Receiving the grants were the following: The grants were the first awarded this year related to a special initiative Barr has launched to bolster organizations’ capacity to respond to growing demand and to extend their reach.

The foundation said it partnered with The Klarman Family Foundation, The Hyams Foundation, and The Boston Foundation, all based in Boston, as well as through intermediaries and coalitions, to identify grant recipients.

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