June 22, 2018
St. Boniface Haiti Foundation Gets $1.9M to Aid Health Care

April 16, 2017 — The St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, a nonprofit based in Newton that provides essential health services to some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations in southern Haiti, recently announced that it has been granted $1.9 million from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The grant will enable St. Boniface Haiti Foundation (SBHF) to address immediate and longer term response and recovery in southern Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Conor Shapiro, chief executive officer of SBHF, said, "The Kellogg Foundation's ongoing support of SBHF's core mission to provide high-quality health care to the people of southern Haiti is a testament to their long-term vision of a stronger, healthier Haiti.

"In the wake of Hurricane Matthew it has never been more important to ensure that all people, especially the most vulnerable, have access to healthcare. We are grateful for [Kellogg's] partnership in this effort."

The project will strengthen efforts to rebuild, revive, and reinforce health services in southern Haiti. Over the next 12 months, SBHF said it will continue to play a critical role in building health care infrastructure and services that were affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Work, aimed at promoting resilience for future disasters, will include expanding SBHF’s current role as a regional referral center in order to contribute to building the long-term resiliency of the health system. The new grant will enable SBHF to expand treatment capacity in the region for specialty services such as obstetric and gynecological care, neonatal intensive care, and the provision of community health outreach services.

This is fifth Kellogg grant SBHF has received. In addition, the foundation provided major support for the construction of the Maternal and Neonatal Health Center, and ongoing operations support for maternal, neonatal, and child health services, as well as surgical and monitoring and evaluation programs.

In addition to building the capacity of its referral hospital, SBHF has partnered with Build Health International (BHI), which has constructed essential health infrastructure in Haiti and southeastern Africa for years, to strengthen supply chain systems vital to delivery of quality care in southern Haiti.

BHI will construct a 10,000 square-foot warehouse to expand the current storage capacity for much-needed supplies. This warehouse will serve as a regional distribution point for supplies and medications.

Founded in 1983, SBHF model of healthcare delivery includes clinical and community-based care that works collaboratively to bring healthcare access to a large and dispersed population. SBHF’s main facility, St. Boniface Hospital, is located in Fond-des-Blancs and is the largest regional hospital on Haiti’s southern peninsula. The Newton office supports approximately 275 staff in Haiti, 98% of whom are Haitian.

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