April 24, 2018
One-Day Drive Raises $1.5M for Pioneer Valley Nonprofits

May 5, 2017 — Valley Gives, a 24-hour fundraising drive that engaged nonprofits throughout the Pioneer Valley, hosted by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts on Tuesday, raised $1,509,168, similar to last year's results.

Instead of seeking to raise a specific amount of money this year, the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (CFWM), based in Springfield, used the annual event to increase the capacity of participating organizations, raise awareness for the good and work they do, and gain new supporters.

A total of $1,161,705 was donated through Valley Gives, plus $347,463 was provided in matching donation grants.

Participating in Valley Gives were 407 organizations and 9,557 donors, of whom 2,808 were first time donors. who made 17,401 individual gifts, including matching gifts. Donations came from all 69 cities and towns in the Pioneer Valley.

“You can’t help but be inspired by the outpouring of support on Valley Gives Day,” said CFWM President and CEO Katie Allan Zobel. “When over 9,500 people make an investment in the community in just one day, it’s a clear and compelling signal that our nonprofits are vital and valued. And it also demonstrates how incredibly generous people are who live here.”

CFWM did not set monetary goals for this year's event, concentrating instead on helping area nonprofits gain more donors.

Last year's event, the first time it was held in May, raised just over $1.6 million through donations and matching grants.

When the event was last held in December 2014, 463 nonprofits in the Pioneer Valley raised $2,676,595.

"It may appear that fewer dollars were raised in the spring events; however, many organizations still receive donations in December during the national giving day, and the numbers from 2012-2014 did include prize pools," a CFWM spokesperson explained. "Our hope was that the spring event would bring in new donors as well as engage loyal supporters. This year, there were 2,808 new, unique Valley Gives donors, which is a success story for all participants."

This year, CFWM provided $185,000 as incentives, referred to as a “prize pool,” to spur engagement in Valley Gives by participating nonprofits and donors, to engage a more diverse range of donors and reach all communities in the Pioneer Valley. The incentives included a prize for donors by decade and most donors under 40, which, CFWM said, encouraged donors of all ages to give.

Receiving the most donations, and leading the large nonprofit category was New England Public Radio in Springfield, with 404 donations.

Double Edge Theater in Ashfield received the most donations to a medium size organization: 368.

Empty Arms Bereavement Support in Florence received the most donations among small sized organization: 222.

A complete list of participating organizations and their individual totals can be found at Valley Gives.

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