October 22, 2018
Erica Dumont to Become ED of Lexington Historical Society

Erica Dumont
August 21, 2017 — Erica Dumont, who served as executive director of the Wellesley Historical Society for nearly four years, is stepping down from the post to assume a similar role at the Lexington Historical Society, both nonprofits that tell the story of their town.

Kathleen Fahey, curator of the Wellesley Historical Society (WHS), will serve as interim director, according to a report in The Swellesley Report.

During her tenure in Wellesley, Dumont was responsible for overall operations, including planning and organizing events. WHS, was founded in 1925 and incorporated in 1965, serves as the historical resource center for the town of Wellesley, which includes providing educational programs, and collecting, interpreting, and displaying materials pertaining to the history of the town and its people.

Dumont was a board member prior to serving as executive director of WHS. Earlier, she was executive director the Winslow House & Cultural Center, and served as an educator at the Old North Foundation of Boston.

Dumont earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Salem State University and is currently studying for a master's degree in history from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

The Lexington Historical Society (LHS), founded in 1886, preserves and celebrates Lexington's history, with a special emphasis on the town's important role in the beginning of the American Revolution.

It provides programming that included lectures and book groups for adults, educational programs for school groups, with a particular emphasis on educational programs on Colonial life and the American Revolution for elementary, middle, and high school students, a summer camp, as well as artistic and cultural exhibits and events throughout the town.

LHS manages three nationally historic house museums: the Hancock-Clarke House, Paul Revere's Lexington destination; Buckman Tavern, the gathering place of the Lexington militia on April 19, 1775; and Munroe Tavern, temporary British field headquarters during the retreat from Concord to Boston.

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