October 22, 2018
Women Lag Men When it Comes to Nonprofit Fundraising Pay

August 26, 2017 — Female chief development officers at Massachusetts nonprofits on average earn 81% of the annual salary paid to their male counterparts, according to a recently completed survey conducted by TSNE MissionWorks, a Boston-based nonprofit that provides management resources to other nonprofits.

According to results included in, Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce, a report published this summer by TSNE MissionWorks (TSNE), female chief development officers in Massachusetts and Connecticut are paid an annual salary of $124,647. That compares to $154,468 for men.

Though female chief development officers earn less than males, they fare better in terms of gender pay equality compared to executive director/CEOs, in that women executive director/CEOs receive 75% of the average annual salary paid to men: $119,622 vs. $158,649. (See details.)

Chief development officers at Massachusetts nonprofits earn more than their Connecticut peers: $168,393 vs. $124,259.

Within Massachusetts, chief development officers in Boston and Cambridge are paid an average of $176,411 annually, according to TSNE.

While one would expect larger organizations to pay more, the survey found that organizations across the two states with 101 – 250 full-time equivalent employees were paid the most, $169,751 a year. Those at organizations with more than 250 full-time equivalent employees earn an average of $156,151 a year.

TSNE noted that the report is not a scientific comparison of nonprofits located in different geographic regions or in one field of service versus another. Findings were based on input from 342 organizations with annual operating expenses ranging from less than $100,000, to over $100,000,000, with average annual operating expenses of those nonprofits being $9,654,781.

The report also found that longevity in the position does not lead to higher pay. Chief development officers in Massachusetts and Connecticut with five to 10 years in the job earn an average of $196,431 per year, more than the average $144,380 paid to those with less time in the post, but more than the average $119,988 paid to those with greater longevity.

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