December 15, 2018
Psychological Center Gala Raises $50K to Meet Goal

November 12, 2017 — The Psychological Center, a nonprofit based in Lawrence that provides services to individuals living with substance or alcohol addiction, mental health issues, or homelessness, announced that it raised $50,000 at its recent annual gala.

The Overcoming Obstacles Gala – Unmasking Stigma held on Oct. 13 at Salvatore’s Restaurant in Lawrence, sold out with 250 people attending and met its fundraising and attendance goals, similar to last year's results.

The funds will support mental health, education, and homelessness services.

Carina Pappalardo, chief executive officer of The Psychological Center (TPC), said, "TPC met its goal due to the kindness and understanding of each contributor who realize that addiction, mental health, and homelessness can affect the lives of any individual and does not discriminate. The attendees fully supported the goal of unmasking stigma. It was a highlight of the night."

The gala, held for the third time, generated 50% of TPC's annual fundraising goal. Funds were raised through ticket sales, sponsorships, live and silent auctions, a mystery key raffle, and a fund-the-mission drive.

Sponsors included Pentucket Bank, Pfizer, Foster Sullivan Insurance, Celticare Health, Middlesex Healthcare Services, Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union, SPS New England, and the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center.

TPC said the gala sought to empower more women to enter and succeed at treatment, support family reunification, and "help keep mothers and fathers from the agony of writing obituaries about their children," and spotlighted the growing number of homeless individuals in Lawrence.

Said Pappalardo, “We must all educate the community about the need to come together to end addiction and homelessness — this starts by unmasking stigma. This important fundraiser brings awareness to the current homeless situation and the increasing addiction crisis not only in the state, but in our neighborhoods and homes.”

Key programs of TPC include the Daybreak Shelter, Women’s View, and Pegasus House. Earlier this year, Daybreak Shelter received a $10,000 donation from the Grainger Foundation.

Established in 197, TPC serves individuals living with substance abuse or alcohol addiction, mental health issues or homelessness by providing structured and comprehensive environments that aim to offer hope while empowering individuals to achieve recovery with respect and without stigma.

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