October 23, 2018
Dare Family Services Renames to HopeWell, Moves to New HQ

January 21, 2018 — Dare Family Services, a nonprofit that had been based in Boston for more than 50 years, which provides comprehensive foster care to severely abused and neglected children, as well as services for families, transition aged youth, and individuals with developmental disabilities, recently announced it changed its name to HopeWell and moved to Dedham.

“Our new name expresses our mission,” explained Shaheer Mustafa, president and CEO of the organization. “To enrich lives and empower individuals through professional expertise, data-driven best practices, and one-on-one nurturing. The agency’s founder, Gerry Wright, was a trailblazer in social services for youth and we plan to honor that tradition.”

Mustafa said, “Over the years there had been some name confusion in the marketplace with the drug use prevention organization, D.A.R.E. and it was the right time to position the agency for our next 50 years.”

He added, “We have incredibly dedicated and experienced staff and caregivers. Just as we want our name to capture our mission and optimism about the future, we want the look of the organization to reflect the professionalism and quality of care we are providing.”

In tandem with the name change, HopeWell recently moved to new headquarters in Dedham. The new site, at 3 Allied Drive, offers each access to Routes 93, 95, 128, and the Massachusetts Turnpike, which HopeWell said will enhance its ability to fulfill programming statewide. The Dedham location is also less costly than the Boston site and offers easier parking.

In addition to a redesigned website, the new branding identity will be incorporated on all outreach and promotion efforts.

The rebranding effort, which took about eight months, began with an assessment of the organization, its operating environment, , the needs of those it serves, its staff, and sources of funding, and ways in which it could expand its services.

“Our new name speaks to our deep interest in supporting and uplifting individuals through a combination of professional expertise, data-driven best practices, and one-on-one nurturing,” Mustafa said.

Founded in 1964 with the creation of the first community-based residential program for boys in Massachusetts, HopeWell today serves approximately 1,200 children and teens in foster care as well as provides staffed residences for adults with disabilities, family support, and stabilization services, a residential program for pregnant and parenting teens, and a new initiative to assist teens in foster care move into adulthood successfully. Its operates regional offices across Massachusetts, as well as in East Hartford, Conn.

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