February 19, 2019
Fundings; Volunteer Resource; Nonprofits Invited to Seek Grants

February 11, 2018 — Boston Harbor Now gets $48K to create map, database...Free Software Foundation receives $1M donation – in bitcoin...Mass. nonprofits invited to use free volunteer resource center... Eastern Bank and Greater Worcester Community Foundation accepting grant applications.

Boston Harbor Now Gets $48K to Create Map, Database

Boston Harbor Now, nonprofit based in Boston that work to increase the quality and awareness of Boston Harbor and the role it plays in the city and region, will receive $48,480 to create map of the Harborwalk and a public waterfront amenities database.

The map and database "will create a one-stop-shop option for visitors to easily navigate the waterfront and understand the full inventory of public amenities offered along the Harborwalk."

Harborwalk is a public walkway that follows the edge of piers, wharves, beaches, and shoreline around Boston Harbor.

Funding for the project comes from The Fallon Company, which constructed the 21-acre Fan Pier development constructed in the city's Seaport District, as part of its Chapter 91 license agreement with the state Department of Environmental Protection.

“The Harborwalk and the public spaces around it belong to everyone, and in today’s tech age, having a mobile-responsive, online map is critical to people from all neighborhoods seeking to access and enjoy their public waterfront,” said Kathy Abbott, president and CEO of Boston Harbor Now.

Free Software Foundation Receives $1M Donation – in Bitcoin

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), a Boston-based nonprofit that promotes the development and use of free software, announced that it recently received its largest contribution to date – bitcoin valued at $1 million at the time of the donation.

The contribution came from the Pineapple Fund, which was created to give away $86 million worth of bitcoin to charities and social causes.

John Sullivan, FSF executive director, said, "The FSF is honored to receive this generous donation from the Pineapple Fund in service of the free software movement. We will use it to further empower free software activists and developers around the world. Now is a critical time for computer user freedom, and this gift will make a tremendous difference in our ability, as a movement, to meet the challenges."

FSF said the funds would be support new projects relating to free software development, expand its licensing, compliance, and hardware device certification programs, extend the free software movement to new audiences, and contribute to the long-term stability of the organization.

"Free software is more than open source; it is a movement that encourages community collaboration and protects users' freedom," wrote Pine, the Pineapple Fund's founder. "The Free Software Foundation does amazing work, and I'm certain the funds will be put to good use."

Mass. Nonprofits Invited to Use Free Volunteer Resource Center

GiveBackTime, an Arlington nonprofit software company, is inviting Massachusetts nonprofits to access its online hub to find volunteers.

“Our goal is to bring more awareness to the service opportunities that are needed at local nonprofit organizations, all while making it easier for students, professionals, and other individuals to connect, collaborate, and celebrate volunteerism with the organizations they want to support,” said Jared Blake, founder of GiveBackTime.

Currently, more than 350 nonprofits have a presence on GiveBackTime.

GiveBackTime provides a free software platform and tool kit for nonprofits to use where they can post their opportunities on a search interface similar to a travel website. People accessing GiveBackTime can search for volunteer opportunities by filtering location, time, and type of nonprofit.

For individuals, GiveBackTime tracks their volunteer hours so they can see the impact their impact in the community.

Blake created GiveBackTime in 2011 as a project at Middlesex Community College, who said, "It has been a huge success over the past few years and we are already closing in on $500,000 worth of volunteer service done through the connections made on GiveBackTime."

Eastern Bank Accepting Applications for Grants to Support Women and Girls

The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation recently announced it will commit $1.5 million—150 grants of $10,000 each—to nonprofits, primarily in eastern Massachusetts, that are committed to advancing women.

The foundation is now accepting applications from nonprofits for grants focused on a issues that disproportionately impact women and girls, including pay inequality, underrepresentation in leadership and STEM careers, discrimination in health care, sexual assault and domestic violence.

Deadline to apply: March 2. Details.

Greater Worcester Community Foundation Accepting Grant Applications

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation recently announced it is accepting applications for funds to advance projects that increase access to healthcare or health promotion services that address the social determinants of health.

Approximately $200,000 from the Fallon/OrNda Community Health Fund will be awarded for projects that result in:
  • Creating outreach services to vulnerable populations.
  • Removing barriers that otherwise prevent people from accessing and receiving health services.
  • Ensuring quality access to needed services that result in sustainable coordinated care.
  • Promoting disease prevention and health promotion programming.
To be considered, grants may be for operational expenditures such as personnel costs, program expenses, small equipment purchases, or physical improvements. Grant requests between $5,000 and $25,000 will be considered. Collaborative efforts will be given a higher priority.

Deadline to apply: March 30. Details.

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