February 19, 2019
Six Eastern Mass. Nonprofits Get $150K for Emergency Aid

March 8, 2018 — Six community-based nonprofits in eastern Massachusetts have been awarded $25,000 each to help them provide emergency financial assistance to local families in need this winter.

The grants from the National Grid Foundation was made to United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, which is distributing the funds through its Way’s Family Fund, which helps families across eastern Massachusetts make ends meet by assisting with basic needs such as heating, food, and housing.

The funding comes after several storms that caused unexpected household emergencies, a record-breaking cold snap earlier this winter, rising fuel costs, and proposals to eliminate federal fuel assistance from the U.S. budget.

“The funding from the National Grid Foundation is critical to our efforts to help families in need weather an emergency or unexpected financial crisis, such as the loss of a job or medical expense,” said Michael K. Durkin, United Way President and Chief Executive Officer.

The funds will be distributed to: According to United Way, last year the Family Fund helped more than 30,100 households, but partner agencies reported they could not respond to 3,540 requests for assistance due to a shortage of funds.

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