January 22, 2019
Boston Nonprofits Get $1M to Support Immigration Services

April 29, 2018 — The City of Boston last week announced it has awarded $100,000 to each of 10 nonprofit organizations that deliver a combination of immigration-related services, including welcoming and supporting evacuees from recent natural disasters, organizing and hosting immigration legal screening clinics, and facilitating family preparedness education workshops for Boston's immigrant community.

"Boston is a city that welcomes all residents, and works to lift up every family and individual in our city," said Mayor Martin Walsh. "Lifting up everyone includes our immigrant communities -- I'm proud these grants will help improve lives here in the City of Boston, and give all residents an opportunity to succeed."

According to the mayor's office, the funding, from the Immigrant Advancement Mini-Grant Program, will support increased capacity at some of the organizations.

The following Boston-based organizations received the grants:
  • African Community Economic Development: Funding will be used to conduct educational workshops in schools and with youth groups that address the causes of Islamophobia, xenophobia, and to provide know-your-rights training to immigrant youth.

  • Agencia ALPHA: Funding will be used to support legal screening clinics and family preparedness workshops.

  • Asian American Resource Workshop: Funding will be used for educational workshops to support family preparedness for individuals at risk of deportation.

  • Boston Higher Education Resource Center: Funding will be used to support access to college programming for immigrant youth, support a part-time case manager, and add capacity for family preparedness.

  • Brazilian Women's Group: Funding will support immigration legal screening clinics, family preparedness workshops, and mental health counseling.

  • East Boston Ecumenical Community Council: Funding will support legal screening clinics and "Know-Your-Rights" clinics to prepare individuals for interactions with immigration officials.

  • Immigrant Family Services Institute: Funding will support additional capacity to host immigration clinics and education workshops for individuals with Temporary Protected Status.

  • Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción: Funding will add capacity to further coordinate efforts among the partners of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (PRVI) Welcoming Project to support arrivals from recent natural disasters, such as Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

  • Irish International Immigrant Center: Funding will support legal screening clinics, pro bono immigration clinics, and application assistance.

  • Roslindale IS for Everyone: Funding will support legal screening clinics to support undocumented immigrants and those at risk of losing immigration status, such as those with temporary protected status or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). RISE also will conduct educational workshops to support family preparedness for these aforementioned groups.
"The past few months have been very difficult for all immigrants living in this country, and particularly for those affected by the elimination of their temporary protected status," said Geralde Gabeau, executive director at Immigrant Family Services Institute. "With this hostile environment, demands for services have risen exponentially. Most of us community leaders have been called to respond to this crisis with no resources. This mini-grant is a great way to start putting in place the infrastructure needed to support our immigrant community."

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