May 25, 2019
Pathways Inc. Gets Surprise $100K Donation

September 21, 2018 — Pathways Inc., a Lynn nonprofit that provides educational services to adults who do not have a high school diploma or need to learn or improve their English, this week announced it has been awarded a surprise $100,000 Challenge Grant from Robert Kraft and The Kraft Family Foundation.

Pathways, Inc.was chosen as a 2018 recipient of the family’s surprise catalyst gift program, a program that identifies organizations whose work is aligned with the family’s philanthropic priorities and surprises them with a gift.

This two-year grant will support the extension of Pathways’ Career Pathways programs.

Pathways said it was chosen by the Kraft family as an organization whose work deserves recognition and support for its work in providing high quality academic instruction, job skills training and occupational training to lower skilled adults, in a Gateway City like Lynn.

CEO Edward Tirrell said he got phone call and “I answered my phone and a guy introduced himself as Robert Kraft”. He said. "We have a foundation and we’ve been doing some research, and we really like the work that Pathways is doing on the North Shore'."

Tirrell said Kraft went on to say that he was so impressed with the work Pathways is doing that he wanted to support our growth by awarding the organization a $100,000 Challenge Grant.

Tirrell added that he told Kraft “I don’t get many calls like this,” to which Kraft responded. “Neither do I.”

Tirrell added, “We are grateful and humbled to be honored by this donation and the affirmation that the work we do is critical, changing lives, and drawing the attention of benefactor foundations.”

Each year Pathways serves 400 students from North Shore communities providing: English language instruction; classes in language arts, math and science; job readiness skills training; and opportunities for occupational or vocational training. Pathways works to provide career pathways to a brighter future for their students and their families.

About 30% to 40% of the adult population in the Lynn area lack English language proficiency or the skills required to participate in vocational or occupational training.

“Pathways is actively engaged in partnerships to further develop the human capital this population represents,” said Tirrell. “Turning these statistics around means a stronger, more prosperous and vibrant North Shore community for all of us. Support from generous funders like The Kraft Family Foundation makes this work possible.”

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