March 24, 2019
Countering Bullying; Grants Given for Mentors, Girl Scouts

September 24, 2018 — Unify Against Bullying enlists skydivers to raise $25K...Silver Lining Mentoring awarded $15K...Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts receives $10K to support girls in grades K-12.

Unify Against Bullying Enlists Skydivers to Raise $25K

Unify Against Bullying, a Springfield nonprofit that works to end bullying by celebrating diversity, recently $25,000 raised through the efforts of 11 skydivers in a "Fly for Unify" event.

"Our hope is that though doing 'Fly for Unify,' we can send a message to kids that are struggling with having the courage to come out and tell people what's going on in their life," said Edward Zemba, chief executive of Unify Against Bullying, quoted on "It takes courage to say something because it's scary. It's worth speaking up and Fly for Unify Basia Belz, owner of Vivid Hair Salon in Westfield, said she can relate to some of the children because, "I was bullied as a kid, now I can be a voice."

The group aimed to raise $13,500, signifying the altitude at which the skydivers leave the aircraft. Funds were raised through corporate and other donations.

Unify Against Bullying, founded in 2015 by Zemba and his family, engages children in its anti-bullying programs, based on experience that children seem to respond better to peers rather than well-intentioned adults.

According to Executive Director Christine Maiwald, “In just three short years, Unify Against Bullying has been able to raise enough funds to award grants to 15 individuals and organizations whose mission it is to spread the anti-bullying message through education, acts of kindness, support and awareness.”

Silver Lining Mentoring Awarded $15K

Silver Lining Mentoring, a Boston nonprofit that provides mentoring services to youth in foster care, recently received a $15,000 matching grant from Mass Mentoring Partnership, a Boston-based statewide nonprofit that supports and advances youth-adult relationships.

Silver Lining Mentoring is one of 37 mentoring programs throughout the Commonwealth to receive a Mentoring Matching Grant, which engages private-sector support, as grantees are required to match, dollar-for-dollar, the total amount awarded with cash or in-kind resources.

Community-Based Mentoring is the Silver Lining program that serves youth ages 7 and older who are impacted by foster care. The program matches youth in one-on-one mentoring relationships with trained adult volunteers who are committed to providing a consistent relationship.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Receives $10K to Advance Women

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts(GSEMA), a Boston nonprofit that serves girls throughout eastern Massachusetts, recently announced it received a $10,000 from Eastern Bank to support its FaB Factor program, which reaches 1,200 girls in grades K-12.

“For 10 years, GSEMA’s FaB Factor programming has provided the opportunity for more girls in underserved communities to be Girl Scouts and to benefit from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girls learn critical skills through this experience including science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship," said Carrie Weatherbee, GSEMA's chief membership services officer.

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