May 25, 2019
Associated Grant Makers Is Now Philanthropy Massachusetts

September 28, 2018 — Associated Grant Makers, a Boston-based, regional association of grant makers, today announced, nearly 50 years after it was founded, that it has rebranded itself as Philanthropy Massachusetts in connection with a new strategic plan aimed at becoming more collaborative with the organizations it serves.

“Following a landscape scan of regional associations across the country and as part of our own strategic planning process, we found our current name no longer represented us well,” explained Jeff Poulos, chief executive officer of Philanthropy Massachusetts. “We have long been an association of more than grant makers."

He added that the strategy seeks to build on "the combined membership strength of our philanthropic organizations and the nonprofit service providers in our region."

Philanthropy Massachusetts noted that the rebranding and updated strategy reflects a growing movement in the national network of philanthropy-serving organizations nationally to become more united and collaborative.

In recent years, a number of regional associations have undergone similar name changes including Philanthropy Northwest, Philanthropy New York, Philanthropy Delaware, Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia, Philanthropy Ohio, Philanthropy Southwest, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and Wisconsin Philanthropy Network. In 2017, the United Philanthropy Forum, of which Philanthropy Massachusetts and these other philanthropy-serving organizations are a member, itself rebranded from The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.

Philanthropy Massachusetts said its new vision embraces five strategic goals that will expand opportunities to lead, build a stronger network and foster collaboration across the state by being a membership organizations that leads, a more accessible partner in the region, a network catalyst and model for collaborative action, a network information curator and broker, and a trusted broker for nonprofit-funder dialogue.

“The new brand and goals for Philanthropy Massachusetts are in direct alignment with the board's commitment to become the leading voice and resource for philanthropy in Massachusetts,” said board chair Tref Borden. “Building on our organization’s deep roots and foundation in convening and collaborating with all voices in philanthropy, this strategic plan propels us into the next chapter in our history.”

Associated Grant Makers was founded in 1969 to promote the practice and expansion of effective and responsible philanthropy, and continues to serve as a bridge between funders and fund applicants for better understanding, efficiency and impact.

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