June 19, 2019
Yearend Fundraising; Corp. Collaboration; Artificial Intelligence

November 6, 2018 — Nonprofits advised to actively engage with donors before yearend... Boston Children's Museum collaborates with TJC Companies for $1 Friday nights... Nonprofits invited to seek grants to develop artificial intelligence solutions.

Nonprofits Advised to Actively Engage with Donors before Yearend

Massachusetts nonprofits should pro-actively engage with donors instead of waiting to see how federal tax law changes will impact this year's fundraising, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN), the state's nonprofit trade association, recently advised.

"While the new tax changes present real challenges for the nonprofit sector, they also present opportunities for creativity, deeper donor engagement, and more emphasis on messaging and communications," MNN noted in its latest edition of Commonwealth Insights.

Under the new tax law, which doubled the federal standard deduction to $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for married couples filing jointly, the number of middle income households itemizing tax deductions for 2018 will drop, which means those households won’t get a federal break for charitable donations. That, in turn, is widely expected to lead to reduced charitable giving.

MNN advises that, among other actions, nonprofits should:
  • Encourage mid-level donors, those who may give between several hundred and several thousand dollars annually, to adopt regular giving programs in which they donate a set amount each month or quarter.

  • Promote qualified charitable distributions to donors age 70½ and older, by which they can to continue to receive a tax benefit for their charitable giving.

  • Encourage accelerated giving, which moves future years’ contributions into 2018 so that their total 2018 giving triggers itemizing and the charitable contribution deduction.

  • Consider soliciting non-cash donations, because when a donor gives a nonprofit a non-cash asset that has been held for at least a year and gained value—such as stock shares that have increased in value—the gains are tax-free.

Boston Children's Museum Collaborates with TJC Companies for $1 Friday Nights

Boston Children's Museum, a Boston nonprofit dedicated to the education of children which opened in 1913, recently announced a collaboration with The TJX Companies, Inc. to continue to offer the Museum’s $1 Friday Nights, when visitors of all ages can visit the Museum for $1 from 5-9 pm.

The evening program, which has been in place for four decades, attracts 55,000 people each year, or about 10% of Boston Children’s Museum’s total visitation.

Carole Charnow, museum president and CEO, said, the support from TJC "ensures that families of all means have an opportunity to visit the museum and experience hands-on engagement and playful learning at an affordable price."

The museum also recently unveiled its new logo, shown above, created by Karin Hansen, the museum’s creative director.

Nonprofits Invited to Seek Grants to Develop Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Massachusetts nonprofits, along with organizations around the world, are being invited to apply to Google.org, the philanthropic arm of the search engine firm, which is making available $25 million in grants and additional expertise to find the best artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for social good.

"We’re looking for projects across a range of social impact domains and levels of technical expertise, from organizations that are experienced in AI to those with an idea for how they could be putting their data to better use," the organization said.

Proposals will be assessed on how well they address a societal challenge, the ability to execute on the proposal, use of AI technology, and the ability to create a solution that serve as a model for other efforts or advance the field.


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