June 19, 2019
Community Consulting Teams Awards Services to 9 Nonprofits

January 1, 2019 — Community Consulting Teams, a Boston-based nonprofit that helps Boston area nonprofits address strategic business and management challenges on a pro bono basis, recently announced it will provide consulting services valued at $100,000 to each of nine nonprofit organizations in 2019.

Lorri Veidenheimer, a board member of Community Consulting Teams of Boston (CCT), said, “We're leveraging our volunteers’ business experience to make a significant social impact in the greater Boston community.”

A team of nine to 10 consultants will be assigned to help each nonprofit to key strategic issues, such as strategic planning, expansion opportunity, situation analysis, marketing strategy, and financial planning.

The following organizations will receive CCT consulting engagements:
  • Boston Harbor Now, Boston, focused on environmental/community development

  • Doc Wayne Youth Services, Boston, focused on youth development/mental health

  • Mill City Grows, Lowell, focused on food insecurity/health

  • Museum Institute for Teaching Science, Quincy, focused on education

  • North Shore Community College, Danvers, focused on education

  • Plummer Youth Promise, Salem, focused on youth development

  • Samaritans, Boston, focused on human services

  • William James INTERFACE Referral Service, Newton, focused on mental health

  • WorldTeach, Cambridge, focused on international education
To be eligible for the program, nonprofits must have 501(c)(3) status, an annual budget between approximately $500,000 and $5 million, a full-time executive director, a minimum of three full-time staff, and at least one staffer who will be assigned to the project.

CCT recruits volunteers from alumni of business schools across the country, including Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University.

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