July 15, 2019
Institute for Nonprofit Practice Gets $675K to Build Capacity

February 4, 2019 — The Institute for Nonprofit Practice, a Needham-based nonprofit that helps educate nonprofit leaders, last week announced it received $675,000 from The Devonshire Foundation, the largest gift it has received in its 12 years, to support capacity enhancement.

The Institute for Nonprofit Practice (INP) said the new funding will enable it to hire key staff for development, marketing, and evaluation.

Yolanda Coentro, INP president and CEO, said, “We face an unprecedented opportunity to transform the nonprofit sector through investment in human capital. This most generous grant from The Devonshire Foundation helps us build the infrastructure to deliver our proven leadership development model to more leaders and organizations and to take the institute to the next level of visibility, sustainability, and excellence.”

Kate Grundy, executive director of The Devonshire Foundation, based in Boston, added, “The Devonshire Foundation shares INP’s commitment to advancing the principles and practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion. An investment in the Institute’s growth and sustainability delivers significant impact throughout Boston’s nonprofit sector.”

The new funding includes a matching gift component, which calls on INP to raise $225,000 over the next three years.

INP noted that the funding comes at "a strategic moment in the history of the organization, as INP faces significant growth in enrollment along with the opportunity to serve over 1,000 alumni in developing a nonprofit workforce that is exponentially more skilled, diverse, and connected."

INP was founded in 2007 to help build the leadership capacity of area organizations with missions that span youth development, health care, the arts, environment, among other areas, a need tied to historical underinvestment in leadership development, crisis triggered by the baby boomer retirements, and a need for more diverse leadership that reflects communities served.

Central to the Institute’s work is a focus on social justice and supporting women and people of color to step into leadership roles of greater influence. Nearly 50% of its alumni identify as people of color and more than 60% are women.

Originally based at Boston University, INP is now affiliated with Tufts University's Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life.

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