October 22, 2019
Achievement Network in Top 50 Nonprofits to Work for in U.S.

April 8, 2019 — The Achievement Network, a Boston-based nonprofit that works with school leadership teams in Massachusetts and across the country to increase learning for students in underserved communities, last week was named one of the best nonprofits to work for in the United States.

The "Best Nonprofits To Work 2019" listing, published by The NonProfit Times (NPT), ranked the Achievement Network (ANet), with 205 employees, at no. 17 out of 50 nonprofits deemed to offer the best work environment in the country.

Three years ago ANet was included on the same listing, ranking no. 35 at the time, and is categorized as a medium sized organization in the ranking.

Michael Ripski, vice president of talent at ATen, attributed the organization's inclusion on this year's listing to four key elements:
  1. "We hire people who care about our mission. We want to ensure every child has the opportunity to get great instruction. Our people care about that and want to get great results for underserved children."

  2. "We have a great culture. We have six core values that anchor our work, with team being first in that we are flexible and respond in the way we work with each other."

  3. "It's a place to grow. We do a lot of training for managers and engage in internal and external leanring experiences."

  4. "We offer competitive compensation benefits, including generous vacation and holidays and parental leave."
ANet was established in 2005 to help Boston area educators better assess how well their students were learning. Today it operates in 17 states and the District of Columbia, focused on increasing educational equity in America by supporting schools in adopting best practices learned from schools around the country.

For the year ending June 30, 2017, ANet reported $27.6 million in revenue, of which $10.6 million came from contributions and grants, and $28.7 million in expenses, according to its most recently available federal tax filing.

The " Best Nonprofits" assessment, developed by NPT and Best Companies Group, was based, in part, on employee responses to a 79-question survey in which they indicated how strongly they felt about key workplace issues. Employee response at the top nonprofits were stronger on the following, compared to organizations that did not make the list:
  • I feel I am valued in this organization.
  • Most days, I feel I have made progress at work.
  • I have confidence in the leadership of this organization.
  • I like the type of work that I do.
  • I can trust what this organization tells me.
  • I like the people I work with at this organization.
  • Quality is a top priority with this organization.
  • Overall, I’m satisfied with this organization’s benefits package.
  • I understand the long-term strategy of this organization.
  • My supervisor helps me develop to my fullest potential.
Regardless of size, revenue, or mission, the 50 organizations scored at least 10 percentage points higher than organizations on three key traits, according to NPT, leadership and planning, culture and communications, and training, development and resources.

Leadership and planning was even more pronounced among small organizations, where those among the top 50 scored 93% vs. 78% for those that did not make the list, NPT reported.

The biggest disparity within the survey, between those selected as "Best Nonprofits" and those that did not make the list, was on the statement, “Staffing levels are adequate to provide quality products/services,” NPT noted.

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