September 22, 2019
Biggest Nonprofits; Corporate Volunteers; Nonprofit Intensity

August 6, 2019 — Massachusetts nonprofits dominate list of 25 largest employers in the state... Corporate volunteer support leads to $15K for two nonprofits... Analysis quantifies nonprofit intensity across Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Nonprofits Dominate List of 25 Largest Employers in the State

Fourteen of the 25 largest employers in Massachusetts are nonprofit organizations, accounting for 65% of the 348,385 people employed by those 25 entities in the state.

Nine of the 14 nonprofits are health related organizations, and the remaining five are higher education institutions, according to a newly published listing in the Boston Business Journal.

So-called meds and eds are a major reason why the nonprofit sector employs 18% of the Massachusetts workforce. However, the vast majority of Massachusetts nonprofits have fewer than 100 employees.

The top five nonprofits on the list are Partners HealthCare (no. 1) with 62,384, Massachusetts employees, Beth Israel Lahey Health (no. 2) with 28,545 workers, and the University of Massachusetts (no. 3) with 23,880 employees, Harvard University (no. 5) with 18,818 employees, and Steward Health Care System (no. 6) with 18,000 employees.

Corporate Volunteer Support Leads to $15K for Two Nonprofits

The MassMutual Foundation this week announced it has awarded a total of $15,000 to two in connection with a program that honors MassMutual employees who volunteer with nonprofit organizations in their local communities.

YMCA of the North Shore, which has sites in Beverly, Gloucester, Haverhill, Ipswich, Marblehead, and Salem, received a $10,000 grant.

Boys & Girls Club of Chicopee, in Chicopee, which provides development programs for local youth, received a $5,000 grant.

Analysis Quantifies Nonprofit Intensity Across Massachusetts

Massachusetts is especially nonprofit intensive, but the distribution of those organizations varies from locale to locale, as a recently completed national study by Governing magazine indicates.

"What we found was that the concentration of locally focused nonprofits doesn’t just vary from one part of the country to another -- it varies a lot," the publication reported. "The top 10 metro areas on our list have more than twice the number of nonprofits per capita as all those in the bottom quarter.

Interestingly, Barnstable has more nonprofits per 10,000 population than Boston-Cambridge-Newton. Read more.

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