February 22, 2020
Nonprofit Marketers Say Top Execs Don’t Value Technology

August 11, 2019 — While nonprofit marketers rely on a range of technology tools to achieve their goals, more than half feel their executive team does not see the benefit in marketing technologies, according to a recently completed national survey.

The survey of 201 nonprofit marketing professionals across the United States, conducted by Salesforce.org, found that 52% of those professionals feel their organization's top executives does not see the benefit in marketing technologies.

While marketing professionals use a wide range of tools and technologies, no single marketing system is used consistently across teams, according toThe Fundamentals Of Marketing & Engagement at Nonprofits Organizations Report, which summarized survey findings.

"Even for social media, the most commonly used tool and one that is thought to drive revenue, over one-third of organizations using the tool do not consider roll out to be very wide across the organization," the report noted.

The survey also found that:
  • Nonprofit marketers who find it easy to share marketing data with other teams in their organization exceed their marketing goals to a greater extent—63% to 47%—compared to nonprofit marketers as a whole, according to recently completed analysis.

  • 52% said their organizations were "very effective" measure its marketing campaigns, and 43% said their organizations were "somewhat effective" in this regard.

  • 48% of marketers said budgetary constraints interfere with their ability to reach their marketing and engagement goals, consistent across most organizations, regardless of size and profile

  • 75% of nonprofit marketers said their top goal is raising money/donations, followed by increasing volunteer engagement (68%), acquiring and retaining new donors (65%), building brand awareness (64%), and raising cause-specific awareness (64%).

  • 76% of nonprofit marketers said they use social media to pursue their goals and 71% rely on email marketing, but only 50% have a marketing database. Direct mail is used by only 38% of marketers, with only 32% relying on blogs.
While all marketers surveyed said their organizations tracks some information about constituents, the majority of organizations do not take advantage of this data to differentiate their messaging to different constituents, relying instead on batch and email blasts.

"While this ensures that the organization’s communication is consistent and unified, it is directly at odds with the type of personalized brand experience that consumers have come to expect," the report noted.

Only 53% of survey respondents said they use constituents’ characteristics to segment communication all the time. However, among marketers who use constituents’ characteristics to segment communication all the time, 66% said they exceeded their marketing goals in the last fiscal year.

Nearly all U.S. nonprofit marketers said they plan to invest in new tools/channels in the upcoming year to improve their marketing efforts. Among those not currently using the tool, investing in social media is the top priority for marketers, along with marketing database and email marketing, as well as search or paid social advertising.

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