April 1, 2020
General News

'Nonprofits No Longer Have the Luxury to Decide When to Act'
Nonprofits Lack a Plan to Deal with a Recession
Individuals Boosted Charitable Giving Despite Tax Law Change
Nonprofit Employees Say They'll Quit, But Stay in the Sector
Nonprofits Advised to Engage in Multichannel Marketing Strategy
'Free' Fundraising Software Is Usually Not
Thank-You Calls Boost Giving, Right? Think Again.
Political Season Is Here, But May Not Cost Nonprofits
Mass. Foundations Annually Grant More than $800M
With the Fundraising Year Over, Many Ask How They Fared
Mass. Nonprofits Face Multiple Challenges and Opportunities
The New Year Will Usher in New Minimum Wage, Overtime Laws
Staffing and Funding Issues Were of Special Interest to Readers
Report: Only 31% of Nonprofits Have a Diversity Strategy
Thousands of Mass. Nonprofits Partake in Giving Tuesday
Mass. Charities Netted Less from Fundraising Pros Last Year
Nonprofit Leaders Want Deeper Relationships with Major Donors
Tell Us How You Are Innovating
Mass. Charities Kept 41% of Funds Raised by Pros Last Year
Other Mass. Nonprofits Want to Learn from You
Share News about Your Fundraising Success
Experts Provide Guidance on Nonprofit Operations
IRS Lightens Up On Retroactive Reinstatement
Other Nonprofits Want to Learn from Your Fundraising Efforts
Nonprofit Sector Grew Faster than Business, Government
Nonprofits Told Success Is Tied to Their Ability to Collaborate
Grant Deadlines
Liberty Mutual to Lead Corporate Support of Nonprofits in 2012
Big Business Charitable Giving Not Likely to Grow Much in 2012
Compensation Caps Proposed for Mass. Nonprofit Leaders
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