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May 18, 2022
First Salary Survey of Berkshire Nonprofits Sets Key Benchmarks
Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires

February 5, 2022 — The median salary for executive directors at Berkshire nonprofits is $80,000 to $90,000, according to a recently completed salary survey, the first of its kind that focuses exclusively on nonprofits in the region.

“Nonprofits often check in when they’re about to hire fundraising or administrative staff, or negotiate a raise for their executive director, and need to know what the going rate is,” said Liana Toscanini, executive director of Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires in Great Barrington, which advocates for the nonprofit sector in western Massachusetts. “The problem is that this information didn’t exist on a local level – until now.”

The 44-page report includes, based on input from 87 responding nonprofits, 22% of the county’s 400 nonprofits that file IRS Form 990 annually, provides comprehensive salary and benefit and related benchmark data across more than 50 positions.

Report highlights include the following:

  • Overall, full-time senior level positions start as low as under $30,000 and range up to above $200,000. The median range for executive directors is $80,001-$90,000 based on 72 positions.
  • Overall, 66% of the respondents offer medical insurance to their employees, 41% offer dental insurance, and 27% offer vision insurance
  • Among the 31 program directors, the median salary is $65,001-$70,000.
  • For office manager positions, those reported by organizations with budgets under $500,000 are all part-time and fall within the range of $13.50-$25.00 per hour.
  • Over 60% of respondents use independent contractors for website design and hosting. Other functions commonly filled by independent contractors are information technology, accounting, graphic design, bookkeeping, and website maintenance.

“Benchmark salary data is important to have right now as organizations examine their equitable practices and compete for applicants in a changing job landscape,” said Toscanini.

The survey was conducted by Nash Insights in Pittsfield and underwritten by Greylock Federal Credit Union and Guardian Life Insurance Company.

According to NPC, which was founded in 2016, Berkshire County has one of the highest numbers of nonprofits per capita in Massachusetts, providing one in four local jobs. NPC serves as a “connector organization,” providing information and resources to area nonprofits and working to forge partnerships with local businesses and foundations.

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