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June 25, 2022
Foundation CEO quits; 'Free Mom Hugs' embraced; LGBTQ+ groups step up

A community foundation CEO resigns, ‘Free Mom Hugs’ is embraced, the LGBTQ+ community steps up; and Beth Babcock reflects on her tenure at EMPath, and an interim director at Bethany Hill Place.

CEO of Greater Worcester Community Foundation quits after five months

Jim Ayres, the president and CEO of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, resigned late last week after five months on the job, the Worcester Business Journal reported.

'Free Mom Hugs' gets support from Grant Thornton

An LGBTQIA+ support group founded by a mother whose son came out as gay and has grown to have chapters in all 50 states has received support from accounting firm Grant Thornton, the Boston Business Journal reports.

Boston LGBTQ+ community steps up to lead reimagined Pride Month celebrations

Following the disbanding of Boston Pride (and its annual parade), local nonprofits are filling the void to celebrate Pride Month, WBUR reports.

Retiring EMPath CEO Beth Babcock on her career as a 'changemaster'

In an interview with the Boston Business Journal, Babcock said: “If you're going to walk away from something that you cared about so deeply, you want to leave it at a time when things are very strong.”

Bethany Hill Place Names Interim Director

Bethany Hill Place, a South Framingham nonprofit combining housing with educational opportunities for its 140 residents, announced that Gloria Franqui would serve as Interim Executive Director, the Framingham Source reported.

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