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June 25, 2022
Groups Dedicated to Stopping Gun Violence Deplore Uvalde Massacre

May 25, 2022 — Massachusetts nonprofit organizations dedicated to stopping gun violence issued statements condemning the slaughter of 19 schoolchildren and two teachers Wednesday in Uvalde, Texas, and the lack of legislative action to help prevent mass shootings.

“In Texas, no criminal background check is required for private gun sales including for assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines,” according Stop Handgun Violence, a Boston-based nonprofit. “In addition, there is no age limit for possessing a firearm, no limit on the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time and gun owners are not required to have a license, register their firearms or report lost and stolen firearms.

“We installed the large 252’ x 20’ gun violence prevention billboard on the Mass Pike in Boston in 1995. That is over 1 million dead Americans ago from gun violence in the US. We still lose over 100 Americans a day to preventable gun violence. We cannot continue to offer thoughts and prayers when children are being murdered in their schools,” said John Rosenthal, founder and chairman of Stop Handgun Violence. “This is on Republicans in Congress and State Houses who choose blood money campaign contributions over human life and public safety. While the shooter’s motives are still unclear, one thing is blatantly obvious: The time for action is now. Congress’s unconscionable priority of guns over lives has resulted in 45,000 killed last year, 212 mass shootings in 2022 so far this year, and 18 more elementary school children and two adults today.”

Ruth Zakarin, Executive Director at Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, stated: ·

“While the details of the shooting are still emerging, there are some things that are perfectly clear. Children have a right to be safe. They have a right to be safe at school, walking home from school, and playing outside after school. They have a right to safety in Uvalde, Texas, in Newtown, Connecticut, and in Boston, Springfield, Brockton, and New Bedford. Every parent has a right to have their child walk out their door without worrying about whether they will come home again.

“We believe those rights are sacrosanct, and clearly outweigh the right to unfettered access to guns. Those of us who believe in the right to safety must continue to speak in a clear and unified voice, agitate for change, and hold leaders accountable - we must become louder than those who insist that the path to safety is more guns.

“We need to say a clear and resounding no to more guns. Together, we will push back on the lobby that insists that the right to unlimited access to guns is more important than the right to keep our children safe. We will continue to invest in the solutions that address community-based violence, domestic violence homicides, police shootings, and firearm suicide. We will continue to work in community and coalition to ensure that every one of us, in every zip code, lives free from the threat of gun violence.”

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