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October 30, 2020
App for Nonprofits; Virtual Marathon; Educating Staff's Kids

September 29, 2020 — New app lets nonprofits collect, distribute in-kind contributions. BAA raises $13K via virtual Boston Marathon with more to come. Old Sturbridge Village creates learning pod for employees’ children.

New App Lets Nonprofits Collect, Distribute In-Kind Contributions

Massachusetts nonprofits may want to check out The Beacon Project, an app launched in response to the coronavirus pandemic that organizations collect in-kind donations while enabling people to learn what donors near them are offering, such as food, housing supplies, etc.

Paul Brady, chief information officer of Arbela Insurance Group, who developed the app with Monash Jain, CEO and North Out, said that, similar to Uber, which matches drivers with people needing a ride, The Beacon Project matches organizations with resources to those who need help.

The app is free and does not generate revenue for its developers. It’s name refers to a beacon, which is a light to help those in need.

BAA Raises $13K via Virtual Boston Marathon with More to Come

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA), a Boston nonprofit that organizes the annual Boston Marathon, on Friday announced that it raised $13,000 via a sweepstakes held during the Boston Marathon Virtual Experience, a 10-day alternative version held this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The $13,000 was raised in addition to the organization’s $100,000 donation in April to the Boston Resiliency Fund, to support COVID-19 response efforts.

Last year's race helped generate a record $39 million for charities. Full fundraising results from the virtual race will be announced later this fall.

A total of 15,972 Boston Marathoners from all 50 states and 84 countries completed 26.2 miles and submitted their finish time for the Boston Marathon Virtual Experience. Participants during Sept. 5-14 had to cover 26.2-miles in one continuous run within their neighborhood to be recognized as a Boston Marathon finisher. Average finish time was 4:11:41.

Old Sturbridge Village Creates Learning Pod for Employees’ Children

Old Sturbridge Village (OSV), a nonprofit museum in Sturbridge that depicts early New England life, last week announced(OSV) it has created a free "One Room School House" learning pod for children of employees of Old Sturbridge Village and Old Sturbridge Academy who have been impacted by disruptions to in-person school learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The program, supported by bank Hometown, will help save jobs, OSV said, by enabling OSV and Old Sturbridge Academy staff with children to continue working regardless of the status of in-person or remote learning imposed by schools. In addition, museum educators who ordinarily lead school field trips are instead staffing the One Room School House.

Noting that impacts of the pandemic will be far reaching and long lasting for the children and the adults' involved. OSV President and CEO Jim Donahue said, "We as an organization are proud of that fact that we were able to find a solution to what many families are struggling with due to no fault of their own."

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