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May 18, 2022
Mass Cultural Council Grants $975K to 51 Nonprofits

May 6, 2022 — The Mass Cultural Council recently announced it granted $975,000 from a one-time pandemic relief program established by the state to provide recovery assistance from the coronavirus pandemic to 51 Massachusetts nonprofit organizations serving Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

“We understood the Massachusetts House Asian Caucus wished to prioritize and provide pandemic recovery funds to organizations focused on one or more Asian ethnicity that conduct cultural events, cultural education, or cultural performances,” said Michael J. Bobbitt, executive director of the Mass Cultural Council (MCC) “I appreciate the caucus’ trust in us to develop and execute their vision and acknowledge the leadership and expertise of the caucus members who provided our team with valuable assistance during program development.”

MCC said that pandemic not only impacted cultural organizations financially serving Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), but also led to increased anti-Asian discrimination, noting, “Through these disparities, the AAPI arts and culture sector is raising awareness and providing cultural education and events for communities.”

Receiving the grants were the following:

  • Acton Chinese Language School, Boxborough: $35,000
  • Angel Dance Company,, Waltham: $25,000
  • Angel Performing Arts, Burlington: $45,000
  • Angkor Dance Troupe, Lowell: $15,000
  • Artisan Dance Academy, Needham: $25,000
  • Asian American Cultural Center, Saugus: $15,000
  • Asian American Playwright Collective, Cambridge: $5,000
  • Asian American Resource Workshop, Boston: $15,000
  • Asian Community Development Corporation, Boston: $15,000
  • Boston Bhangra, Brookline: $25,000
  • Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Boston: $15,000
  • Boston Little Saigon, Boston: $5,000
  • Boston Night Market, Quincy: $45,000
  • Boston Uyghur Association, Waltham: $5,000
  • Boston Yue Opera House, Acton: $5,000
  • Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Lowell: $5,000
  • Chinatown Business Association, Boston: $15,000
  • Chinese American Association of Cambridge, Cambridge: $5,000
  • Chinese American Association of Lexington, Lexington: $15,000
  • Chinese Americans of Lexington, Lexington: $5,000
  • Chinese Culture Connection, Malden: $35,000
  • Chu Ling Dance Association, Boston: $15,000
  • The Flavor Continues, Malden: $5,000
  • Global Love Service Education, Quincy: $5,000
  • Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, Newton: $45,000
  • Hanh My Cultural Foundation, Milton: $15,000
  • Imperial Group LLC, Worcester: $15,000
  • India Association of Greater Boston, Burlington: $15,000
  • Indian Community of Needham, Needham: $15,000
  • International Gugak Jazz Institute, Wilmington: $15,000
  • Iskwelahang Pilipino, Bedford: $35,000
  • Kaji Aso Studio, Boston: $15,000
  • Khmer Post USA, LLC, Lowell: $25,000
  • Korean Cultural Society of Boston, Lexington: $25,000
  • Mountain River Taiko, Williamsburg: $5,000
  • New England Championship Wushu Academy, Burlington: $35,000
  • Newton Chinese Language School, Newton: $45,000
  • Odaiko New England, Somerville: $15,000
  • Quincy Asian Resources, Quincy: $5,000
  • Shadaj, Lexington: $15,000
  • Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts, Worcester: $15,000
  • Stage Ensemble Theatre Unit, Belmont: $15,000
  • Taiwan Film Festival, Cambridge: $15,000
  • Triveni School of Dance, Brookline: $15,000
  • Vietnamese American Thang Long Limited, Boston: $15,000
  • Vietnamese American Volunteer Association of Boston, Boston: $15,000
  • Vietnamese-American Community of Massachusetts, Boston: $15,000
  • Vietnamese-American Initiative for Development, Boston: $35,000
  • Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy, Malden: $45,000
  • Winchester School of Chinese Culture, Winchester: $35,000
  • Yuan3 Chih4 Education, Cambridge: $15,000
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