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January 25, 2021
The Pandemic Dominated News about Mass. Nonprofits in 2020
Coronavirus Massachusetts Map

December 28, 2020 — Call it the pandemic year, as 65% of all articles published by Massnonprofit News related to or referenced the coronavirus pandemic, tracing the arc of what, hopefully, will be a once in a lifetime event.

Here's a recap:

Feb. 29: Nonprofits Lack a Plan to Deal with a Recession

Last week's stock market correction in response to the spread of the coronavirus reinforced recession fears in the United States, but only one-third of nonprofit leaders have a plan for how they would handle a recession, a recently completed national survey has found. MORE

March 10: Mass. Nonprofits Take Steps to Curb Impact of the Coronavirus

As the number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts grows—there were 41 confirmed cases statewide as of Monday, up from 28 the day before—some nonprofits have cancelled events and many are instituting basic hygiene measures and advising limited physical contact between people, while otherwise operating normally. MORE

March 30: Mass. Nonprofits Are Cutting Staff as Revenue Declines

All nonprofits across Massachusetts have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic—with 20% having laid off staff, 78% suffering a drop in revenue, and 34% experiencing an increased demand for services—according to a newly completed survey. MORE

April 14: A New Normal in Nonprofit Fundraising Is Starting to Emerge

With spring fundraising events and capital campaigns on hold—as many nonprofits scramble to keep operating in the face of increased demands stemming from the coronavirus crisis, while others reduce operations—a sudden drop in revenue is causing many organizations to rethink the way they raise funds. MORE

May 4: Social Distancing Is a Quandary for Mass. Nonprofit Theaters

Nonprofit theaters across Massachusetts, which have cancelled nearly all performances this spring and many, if not most, through the summer, in response to the coronavirus crisis, are trying to figure out what the near- and medium-term future will look like if they need to continue social distancing and limit gatherings to small numbers of people. MORE

May 18: Mass. Nonprofits Can Re-Open, but Must Ensure Safety

Under the four-phase plan to re-open the Massachusetts economy, Bay State nonprofits, like other organizations, will need to abide by mandatory workplace safety standards and sector-specific protocols and best practices. MORE

June 19, 2020: COVID-19 Crisis Has Cost Mass. Nonprofits Minimum of $8.6B

Massachusetts nonprofits have lost at least $8.6 billion in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state's nonprofit trade association announced yesterday, an amount equal to approximately one-quarter of annual wages and salaries paid to all nonprofit workers statewide. MORE

July 17, 2020: Cultural Nonprofits Lost $425M Due to COVID-19 Crisis

Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in Massachusetts in March, cultural nonprofits across the state lost $425 million in revenue to date due to cancellations and closures and will take an average of two years—up to five years in some cases—to recover, according to the Mass Cultural Council. MORE

September 26: Foundations Are Shifting Giving Practices to Nonprofit Grantees

Responding to the seismic upheaval caused by multiple crises this year, most notably the coronavirus pandemic and the systemic racism it exposed, Massachusetts foundations, as well as others across the country, have increased their support of grantees while adjusting giving practices, according to a newly published report. MORE

October 24: Virtual Boston Marathon Raises $32M for 242 Nonprofits

The Boston Athletic Association on Wednesday announced that this year’s first-ever virtual Boston Marathon, held last month after the coronavirus pandemic initially forced a postponement and then a transformation into a remote event, raised $32.1 million for 242 nonprofit organizations. MORE

November 10: Mass. Cultural Nonprofits Loss Set at $483M Due to COVID-19

Massachusetts cultural nonprofits have lost $483.5 million in revenue due to cancellations, closures, and related policies stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and spent $116.8 million in reopening costs, according to results of a statewide survey released yesterday by the Mass Cultural Council. MORE

December 22: Relief for Nonprofit Sector, but Full Job Recovery Is Years Away

While the COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress yesterday, when enacted into law, will provide short-term aid for nonprofits, jobs lost across the nonprofit sector due to the coronavirus pandemic will take 2.4 years to reach pre-pandemic employment levels, a recently completed analysis concludes. MORE

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