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January 18, 2021
Yawkey Foundation Revises Guidelines for Nonprofit Support
Yawkey Foundation

November 23, 2020 — The Yawkey Foundation in Boston recently announced it has revised its grantmaking guidelines that it says will enable it to extend philanthropic support to a greater number of nonprofit organizations that provide resources, opportunity, and dignity to the vulnerable and underserved.

The Yawkey Foundation said the changes include eligibility criteria that will provide funding to new organizations that have not been eligible in the past.

It also has moved to a two-step application process that begins with a concise initial proposal submission. If the foundation wants to learn more about an Initial Proposal after the preliminary evaluation, an organization may be invited to submit a full grant application. Previously, nonprofits submitted a full application.

The foundation is now offering three types of grants:

  • Program & Small Capital Grants – up to $100,000
  • Strategic Investment Grants – up to $1 million, typically payable over multiple years
  • Transformational Capital Grants – up to $5 million, typically payable over multiple years

Strategic grant proposals span issues such as regional expansion, synergistic collaborations, mergers or consolidations of organizations in transition, as well as advancement of feasibility studies/strategic plans.

Transformational grant proposals may be submitted at any time, while requests for strategic grants will be accepted during February and August each year. Program and small capital grant initial proposals will be accepted at distinct times tied to interest area.

The foundation, founded more than 80 years ago by Tom and Jean Yawkey, best known for their longtime ownership of the Boston Red Sox, has awarded more than $500 million to organizations—of which $300 million went to Boston-based charities—focused on health care, education, human services, youth and amateur athletics, arts and culture, and conservation and wildlife.

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