Mass. Nonprofits Want to Know How Others Are Handling the Crisis
March 31, 2020 — Massachusetts nonprofits say they want to learn how other nonprofits are impacted by and responding to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recently completed statewide survey.

Forty-nine percent of 550 organizations participating in a survey, completed last week by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, the state's nonprofit trade association, and Philanthropy Massachusetts, a Boston-based regional association of grant makers, said they want to learn about the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on other nonprofits and how they are responding to the pandemic.


You can help by sharing your experience with readers of Massnonprofit News and the Wednesday Report – what works, what doesn't, what to adopt, what to avoid.

For example, read how the Northeast Arc obtained hand sanitizer and helped get it to other nonprofits across Massachusetts.

We will highlight individual nonprofit organizations – new approaches they are taking, what they find is working, what they tried but stopped doing, and other critical early lessons learned that will help nonprofits keep operating.

To share your story, email to with a one-sentence description of what you're doing, along with a phone number where you can be reached. You will be contacted for an interview.