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May 12, 2021
Brookview House Raises $225K, Gets Grants Totaling $197K
Brookview House

March 15, 2021 — Brookview House, a Boston nonprofit that provides safe housing and support services to families experiencing homelessness, recently announced it completed a special fundraising campaign, surpassing its goal by 12% to raise $225,000, and also received three grants totaling $197,000 to address impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Brookview House said its end-of-the-year Families First: Moving Beyond Homelessness campaign sought to raise $200,000 to advance its efforts to support Black and Latinx communities especially affected by the pandemic by providing families with a safe place to live, food, basic needs, PPEs, academic support, and behavioral health services.

As of today, the organization said the campaign received $225,125 from 99 donors.

Brookview House also received the following grants to support its effort to mitigate effects of the pandemic on local families:

  • The Boston Foundation: $150,000 in general operating support for Brookview’s efforts to ensure a just and equitable recovery from the pandemic and its economic and social toll. The grant is part of the foundation’s ongoing efforts to support communities that have been most directly impacted by COVID-19, and support Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)-led organizations based in and serving those communities.

  • Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation: $25,000 to support efforts related to housing stability, homelessness, food security and essential services, and utilities for low-and moderate-income individuals and families.

  • PNC Foundation: $22,000 to support Brookview’s Youth Program, which strengthens academic performance by interweaving lesson work (teaching, tutoring, training), experiential learning, and improvements in non-cognitive abilities (motivation, emotional traits, social skills).

“Our gratitude to these compassionate organizations and individuals truly cannot be overstated,” said Deborah Hughes, president and CEO of Brookview House. “This has been an intensely challenging time for all; their support of Brookview and many other organizations will have a profound impact on our abilities to help so many get through this time and beyond.”

Founded in 1990, Brookview is a Black- and Afro-Latina women-led organization that works for justice, equity, and systemic change for low-income mothers and children in Boston, who have been disproportionately impacted by economic and racial inequality, and, as a result, experience higher rates of homelessness and poverty, compared to the general population.

When Brookview House launched, two bedroom apartments rented for less than $600 and families, primarily women with children, were the smallest segment of the homeless population. Since then, family homelessness has escalated and every night thousands of families live in shelters and hotels opened by the state.

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